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John Bell

John Bell

John Bell

Founder & Director

Permanent Recruitment, White Collar Contract, Commercial Construction

Our Founding Director, John is a thrill seeker who can only drink decaf. John is the vision and drive behind Fetch who you'll always find immersed in a new DIY project.

Founding Fetch 10 years ago with an aim to build a business that would add value to both individuals and the industry itself.

John also had a passion to help people progress their career. There was nothing more exciting to him than helping a young, talented go-getter secure an opportunity with a market leader that would shape their career for years to come.  Furthermore, he was determined to unlock that same passion in our own employees and set Fetch apart as a recruitment employer of choice, to create a culture and an environment where everyone would wake up in the morning and feel excited to come to work, and to inspire and nurture each employee to achieve their own aspirations and enable them to remove any roadblock that would prevent them from achieving success.