our values

Our Values


Our people ensure that all of our communication comes from a good place, we genuinely want to help our clients, candidates and colleagues, that we are always transparent and that we constantly practice openness.


Our people are constantly maintaining a collaborative environment where each team member’s voice is heard, valued, and respected so that ideas benefit our clients, candidates and wider team. We practice discretion, we are constructive in our feedback and communication, we are considerate and we have integrity in all that we do.


Our people are constantly building on our resilience, we strive for consistency, we are dedicated, we have belief in our own ability, we have a long-term vision for the company, we are outcome-focused and we are committed.


Our people have a hunger to achieve success, we believe in what we are doing, we are enthusiastic and we always ensure we add value to others.

To help everyone get a better understanding of our values, John has given a little insight into where these values came from:

“When I was starting Fetch I wanted to create a business that people would respect and would want to partner with, in such a transactional industry. I understood the importance of values in business, and how critical it is to ensure the right treatment and experience is being received by everyone involved with the company. I initially came up with 3 values which were Honesty, Respect and Drive. In the process of developing these, I thought about what people usually want from a recruiter. Looking at things from a candidate and client perspective;

Honesty; candidates want a recruiter to be honest about the role and company they’re about to join, whether it be culture, reputation, responsibilities, etc. Likewise, clients want transparency about the potential candidates we put forward.

Respect; candidates want recruiters to be respectful, of both their work and their personal circumstances. It’s a big decision to change roles, companies and sometimes careers and so it’s essential that we treat our candidates with consideration and politeness. A new career isn’t as easily replaced as a piece of technology! 

Drive; candidates and clients want their recruiters to be driven to go above and beyond, to find the best opportunity for their career and their company, not just the opportunity they have easily accessible in front of them."

In 2018 as the business continued to grow, John saw the need for this final value to be added to round out the business and the way it operated.

“Fetch is certainly not just me anymore and we wouldn’t be where we are today without everyone within the business. Every Fetch employee is the face of Fetch and I wanted to give them all the opportunity to have a say in who we are, so we ran a workshop to collectively develop our 4th value which was Passion. We think it’s essential to be passionate about yourself and believe in what you’re doing, believe in your team and  those that contribute to Fetch as a whole, be passionate about your clients and believe in what they have to offer, and finally to have belief in the candidates you are representing.”

- John Bell, Director