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How To Boost Your Personal Brand On LinkedIn

Author: Briannah Borg

Published date: 2023/01

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Social Media is becoming increasingly important, especially when applying for jobs. 80% of people will Google someone before meeting them and employers are no exception. They have a look at applicants’ social media profiles such as Instagram to get a better idea of who they’d be hiring, and LinkedIn has grown to become a vital tool to show what you have to offer to future employers. Trust and credibility are built before you meet someone so your social media presence should reflect who you are while also showing what you can do!

I’ve put together some quick tips that will help your LinkedIn page look put together and ready to make a good impression!


Profile Page

“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression." - Will Rogers

This is the first thing someone will see when they click on your profile, so make sure it showcases your personality while also staying professional (while LinkedIn may be considered a form of social media, it’s still a profile future employers can see!). Here are key things to keep in mind when building your profile page:

Headline - This is the line underneath your name, ideally used for your current job title – it will appear under your name when you comment on posts so make sure it’s clear.

Profile Picture – If you have a good and professional headshot, that will speak to how you conduct yourself at work, and people are likely to continue browsing your profile. On the other hand, since LinkedIn is a form of social media, having no image is not ideal. Your employers will want to put a face to the name. However, posting a grainy or badly taken photo sends the wrong impression. Here are some things to keep in mind when picking a headshot:

-          There is good lighting that shows your entire face

-          You’re the only person in the picture

-          It’s a mid-shot or close-up photo (from the upper chest to just above the head is best)

-          You’re smiling!

URL and search abilities - Make sure your view settings are turned on to public so employers and hiring managers that you aren’t connected with yet can see your profile and contact you!

About Section – This is where you can highlight your relevant experience, unique skills, and traits - Remember that employers want to hire people they think will be a good fit for their company culture, so showing off what you can bring to a team is essential.

Featured Section – The Featured section is a great way to highlight your achievements! Below are a few ideas on what you could add to stand out from the crowd!

-          Reviews from previous employers/fellow peers/clients and candidates that you’ve worked with

-          Try getting comfortable with recording yourself and post an introduction video!

-          Blogs/articles you’ve written

-          Reels/videos

Content Ideas

Like any social media platform, consistency is key for maintaining engagement and growing your network. Ideally, aim for three posts a week:

-          1 Industry-related – What's happening in your industry sector? (Articles, etc.)

-          1 Work-related – Job ads, blogs, reels, work events, reviews

-          1 Personal-related – Passions/interests, insights, photos, challenges (make sure you keep it appropriate)

Before posting content on your profile, it’s important to ask if it adds value to your personal brand. There are also a few other things to keep in mind when creating your posts:

-          Write the top line to draw the attention of your audience - you want them to click "view more"

-          Don’t write any more than three paragraphs of text

-          Use bullet points when listing things so it’s easier on the eye

-          Support it with visuals - photos/infographics will get you so much more engagement!

-          If posting an article or an external link, link it in the comments and use the text to explain its relevance - LinkedIn de-prioritises external posts

-          Use between 3-5 hashtags and tag relevant people




Briannah Borg is our Marketing Coordinator. You can connect with her via LinkedIn here.