Our Policies

Our Policies

Sometimes you've just got to get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about the not-so-fun stuff.

We have a few company policies that have been put in place for the greater good of Fetch and everyone involved. They are as follows:

 Privacy Policy

Here at Fetch, we love to share: share memories, share a good meal, share great jobs and candidates. However, personal information is something we never share. Privacy is very important to us, and keeping our clients and candidates information secure is the uppermost priority. A major part of our commitment to providing the highest level of professional service is ensuring top level of protection of our stakeholder's privacy. We understand the importance of privacy of any personal information collected & we adhere to any requirements that fall under the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

       Quality Assurance Policy

We love quality equally as much as we love privacy: quality candidates, quality coffee, quality music. This policy reinforced our dedication to providing the best possible outcomes for our clients and candidates. We are committed to the development and implementation of our company-wide Quality Control Process. All Fetch employees aim for continuous improvement and with well-practised processes, we focus on both our clients & candidates needs and meet our goals of providing exceptional quality in all of our services.

   OHS Policy

We appreciate a safe environment just as much as we appreciate a happy hour. We believe everyone should feel as safe in their place of work as they should in their homes, so workplace safety, health and well-being are a priority for us at Fetch. We do everything reasonably practicable to protect the safety, health and well-being of all employees, volunteers, contractors and visitors. We recognise both our moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all stakeholders. Fetch is committed to the health, safety and welfare of all who work in or visit our workplaces and our commitment to consultation and cooperation between management and employees.

          Environmental Policy

At Fetch, we are responsible for our actions, not only because we love sea turtles but because we are conscious of our responsibilities to continually improve our environmental performance through sustainable practices. Fetch accepts & understands that we must work to preserve the environmental sustainability of the planet, at all levels of its operations. We are committed not only to complying with applicable law in all of its operations but also aspires to minimise its impact on our environment and maximise the effective use of resources. We strive to achieve this by making changes not just in our office, but also our everyday lives. We are working towards a paper-free office, even changing our hardware to tablet-based technology to reduce our paper usage. We also promote sustainability through efficient use of natural resources and energy, including reuse or recycling of waste resources, where appropriate.


At Fetch, we are dedicated to protecting our people, not just our office staff but all of our contractors that are payrolled through the business. With non-compliance being a widespread issue across Australia and changes with legislation, over the last year Fetch has prioritised Compliance and managing Risk as one of our main business objectives. We have a dedicated full-time Compliance Officer, a formalised process and implemented technology on ensuring we are complying with regulations.

We offer the following checks, inductions and training:

•  Working Rights Check

•  Australian Police Check

•  Credit Check

•  Bankruptcy Check

•  Global Sanctions Check

•  On-Hired Employee Safety

•  Office Worker Safety

•  Manufacturing Worker Safety

•  Store Worker Safety

•  Contact Centre Worker Safety

•  Forklift Safety Operation

•  Discrimination, Harassment & Bullying

•  WHS & EEO

•  Working Alone Safety Training

•  Work Health & Safety (Permanent Employees)

•  Construction Worker Safety

•  CPR & BLS Induction

•  WHS & EEO Job Active Participants

•  Officers Due Diligence Induction

•  Hazardous Manual Tasks

•  Resources (Mining) Safety

•  Transport & Logistics Safety Induction

•  A Guide for Managers and Supervisors

•  General Trades Safety

•  Privacy Induction

•  Handling, Storing & Transporting Dangerous Goods