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How To Attract Top Talent Through Your Seek Ads

Author: Mente Slade-Nafoi

Published date: 2022/12

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​Advertising a job is exactly the same as advertising anything else – you not only have to capture your audience's attention, but also make sure you keep them engaged to read the whole ad – and then express interest. On top of this, we’ve found that Seek advert rates have gone up, but response/application rates have gone down. People aren’t applying to ads as much as they used to. So how can you ensure you are getting the most out of your advert?

Here are five key tips to ensure your seek ad will attract top talent.

Include The Key Information People Are Looking For;

- Add things like salary, location, requirements, title, experience, benefits.

- 75% of candidates say they are less likely to apply when the salary is hidden… So, are you going to miss out on a great applicant simply because you’d rather keep the salary hidden? I like to include a salary range, that way you can let them know what sort of salary range they’ll be sitting at based on their experience.

Employee Benefits:

- It’s silly for companies to not put their best foot forward and use their ads as a tool to advertise the company. If someone’s looking at a specific job ad, then in most cases they believe themselves to be a good fit for the role. They know what value they can add to the company, so what value can you add to their lives?

- The reality is – job seekers now have options from other employers, and you likely aren’t the only company that has gained their interest. So to ensure that you are the favoured option, ensure to list the reasons why someone should WANT to work for you. Now is the time to dig deep – what makes you better than your competitors?

- Salary alone is no longer enough of a selling point and there are other reasons people might be looking for work that aren’t financial – whether it be work from home privileges, personalised training programs, employee health policies/programs, high staff retention rates, discounts, extra annual leave/RDO’s, features in your office that other offices might not have, company events, company vehicles, laptop, mobile phone provision... you get the point.

- Put yourself in their shoes – what made you apply to this company? Why have you stayed here? What makes this company better than your previous? Whatever the reasons, share them so everyone else can see how great of a company you are!


Contact Information At The Bottom:

- Some people don’t always have an up to date CV at the time they’ve viewed the ad, or they just want to have a chat through the role and assess their suitability before they get some time to send to through. You could be missing out on some top talent simply because someone didn’t get around to updating that CV and submitting it!

- Applicants also want to know who will be managing the hiring process. If its yourself, make sure to leave your contact details in case there is something important you may have missed in the ad that someone may have questions about.


Important Information VS Information That Can Be Left Out:

- Having a job ad that is seven paragraphs long and only states the daily responsibilities is off-putting to many and not engaging at all. List the “non-negotiable” requirements/responsibilities and leave the not-so important ones out! That’s what a full position description is for and is usually shared or discussed at a later stage.

- Most people just want to know the key details as listed above – the position, company, salary, location, requirements, title, and the benefits.

Don’t Make It Too Long

- Let’s be real – people don’t tend to spend more than a few minutes reading an advert. If your ad is too long, they’re less likely to absorb the most important details.

- Nowadays, people tend to read adverts on a mobile phone (on the train home or during a lunch break), so formatting your ad is important. Try to avoid making your entire ad in paragraphs/block text – break things up with a few bullet points so that it’s easier for the reader to digest!​


Mente Slade-Nafoi is our Residential Construction Business Support Consultants. You can connect with her via LinkedIn here.