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How To Stay Motivated Before The Christmas Break

Author: Gemma Upson-McPike

Published date: 2022/11

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​November and December are some of the most exciting months of the year, with everyone anticipating good weather and a well-deserved break. But with that Christmas break in sight, many of us struggle to stay motivated and can prematurely check ourselves out of our work. I’ve included some of my favourite tips to ensure you are finishing the work year with a bang!


Prioritise your tasks

There will be many tasks you need to complete before you head off for the holidays, so make sure you know which tasks are the most important. Make a list of what you need to achieve and put it in order of priority. This will ensure you get all the important tasks done first, and you are left with the ones that aren’t urgent or if needed, could be done when you return in January.


Keep your healthy habits

December is a very social time and many of us have back-to-back Christmas Parties or events. Try and help yourself out by staying hydrated throughout your day with a minimum of 3L of water. This will help you function to your best ability, especially on a Monday after a big weekend!


Get your 8 hours of sleep

I am the first person to admit that if I get anything less than 8 hours of sleep per night, I will not be functioning properly the next day. Set yourself a goal to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night, this way you will wake up energised and ready to start your day. There is nothing worse then spending the first 2 hours of your workday trying to wake yourself up!


Start setting goals for the New Year

The best way to start off the new work year is to have goals already in motion. Start writing out your goals for next year now! By having goals already in place, you can start preparing and working towards them. You don’t want to come back to work and feel like you are starting from scratch.


Lastly and most importantly, remember what you’re working towards! Whether it’s a holiday overseas, spending time with family or just looking forward to a few weeks to relax. Putting in some hard work now will make those few weeks off feel even more worth it!


Gemma Upson-McPike is one of our Carpentry Consultants. You can connect with her via LinkedIn here.