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How To Improve Candidate Loyalty

Author: Anton Smith

Published date: 2022/10

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We are currently in a candidate short market so retaining your best candidates either from other job offers or other recruiters can be a much-needed skill. Here are some simple ways to improve candidate loyalty and be sure the candidates you want to work with also want to work with you!

Make the application process as easy as possible

The interview process from a candidate’s perspective can be a high-stakes and high-stress experience. A survey conducted in the US suggests that as high as 93% of job seekers experience anxiety at the thought of being interviewed. Here are a few tips to help:

· Outline your hiring process and requirements in the job description

· Make the application process and all touchpoints mobile friendly

· Clear instructions of the registration process, hold their hand through the process if it's needed!

· Send a confirmation email and text with all information

· Aftercare with all candidates


Be transparent about everything

Transparency can be thought of as being open and honest through the good and bad. When done consistently, transparency builds relationships. It allows us as employers to be seen as approachable and builds respect. Asking our clients for feedback on our candidates and relaying it back to said candidates is something that we don’t do enough. If the feedback is positive, this creates a sense of belonging, job security, and strives them to do better. Negative feedback can be used as constructive criticism and it can help the candidate reflect on what to work on. There are no winners if we stay quiet.


Build a relationship that extends beyond a job opening

Any recruiter can provide a candidate with a job, but not every recruiter can build meaningful relationships with their candidates. Building a strong relationship means forming a friendship and showing goodwill throughout the recruitment process. Asking candidates about long-term employment goals and what they want to be doing in six months is always a good opener and shows a better understanding of if this candidate is right for the job or if you need to find them other opportunities – this is a must for Blue-Collar recruitment. Make sure you are helpful even when it does not benefit you because, at the end of the day, your candidates are like your customers.

As with so many things in life, it’s the small gestures that matter. Gaining the loyalty of job seekers who can easily find another recruiter when things don’t seem to be working out for them, might not be an easy task. Nevertheless, it IS possible. Apart from open and transparent service, share with them news about your organisation, the culture, and industry trends through the likes of a newsletter which increases candidate engagement. Regular site visits and putting a face to a name help strengthen your relationship which then in turn creates friendship and loyalty.

If you can manage any of these steps, they will keep coming back to you in the future.


Anton Smith is our Civil Trades Consultant. You can connect with him on LinkedIn here.​