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How Well Do You Really Know Your Clients?

Author: Louis Thomas

Published date: 2022/02

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Your immediate family and friends– you probably know everything about them.

You know their birthdays; you know what schools they attended, the names of their old girlfriends or boyfriends, the names of their best friends growing up - some of their best friends may even be your best friends, you know what their favourite sports are, what books they like to read, their favourite songs, movies and food…

When it comes to your immediate family, you very likely know everything there is to know about them. And that’s what keeps you so close.

How much do you know about your friends, the friends of your children, their parents, their teachers, your partners, your clients, your customers, your colleagues at work, your subordinates at work, their families, your main vendors, or your hairdresser?

How much do you really know about your most valued customers?

Here at Fetch our most high achieving consultants are the ones that know everything there is to know about the people who are responsible for helping them become so successful (both candidates and clients).

You see, relationships are the currency of the wealthy. To the wealthy, relationships are like gold.

So, they gather information on the most important people in their lives like squirrels gather acorns. And they do this because they figured out, a long time before they became millionaires, that relationships are one of the most important pieces to the success puzzle.

The more you know about the people who matter - the people who can help you realize your dreams and goals - the stronger your relationship with them will be.

Our Top Tips for Building a Strong Relationship with your Clientele:

Feel out (or straight up ask) what the best form of communication with them is going to be. Do they prefer chatting by email, by phone, or in person? Do they write longer messages or keep things short? Figure it out and then adjust your communication appropriately.


Always show a genuine interest in their personal life, remembering things like the names of their family members or vacation locations!


Check in frequently – your key clients should not go 14 days without a phone call. These phone calls don’t have to be ALL business – asking personal questions can obviously help deepen relationships.


Visit their place of work. This will deepen your understanding of their business, and them. It’s also nice to meet in person from time to time.


Remember Key Dates – milestones that can help you make them feel valued would be remembering Birthday’s, dates you started trading, dates they started at their business and most importantly dates they are going on vacation!


Engage with them on social media – whether it be LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram – you would be surprised the information you can learn from candid posts.


Share something about yourself! - This is such a powerful tool – your clients will open up even more once they feel that they can know and trust you… after all, we are all humans!

Most of all, be yourself! You were hired because your company believed you were the right person for the job. People tend to tell when you aren’t being genuine, so stay true to you.


If you’d like your business to partner with Fetch, reach out today. You can also get to know our consultants via the ‘About Us’ tab under ‘Our Team.’ If you’re someone looking for work please head to our ‘Job Search’ tab or reach out to me, Louis Thomas on 0429 680 886.

Louis Thomas is the Team Leader of our Trades & Labour team who specialises in hiring for Electrical Trades. You can connect with him on LinkedIn here.