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Why You Should Engage With a Recruiter

Author: Matt Lenagh

Published date: 2021/07

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There are many misconceptions that lead candidates to believe that they would be better off looking for a new opportunity themselves. This is simply not correct. Below I have listed 7 reasons as to why using an established and successful recruitment company, such as Fetch Recruitment, can help your career and get you the best possible job in the market. 

Exclusive access to “hidden” job market

Job boards such as Seek are not used by many companies, they are usually too time consuming. The importance of a quick turn around when looking for new staff is critical in business. Companies working exclusively with recruiters can rely on the recruiter to supply an immediate pool of qualified candidates. An average of 3-4 candidates can be pulled for interviews in a short period of time.

Protecting your privacy

Recruiters work extremely confidentially; they protect you and limit the chances of anyone, including your boss, from finding out you are on the market for a new role. Job boards such as Seek or Indeed notify recruiters and other people on these platforms that you are active and eyeing up other opportunities.

It’s free

A recruiter is paid by the client to find them the perfect candidate for their role. There is no cost to you. A good recruiter will support you and will have your best interests at the forefront of the process as it is in their interest to find you a job you will enjoy and be successful in.

First-hand knowledge on the company

A good recruiter will know their clients inside-out. They will have met the clients in person and have a good understanding of the businesses culture and values, size of team, location of projects as well as the type of people who are successful and enjoy working at that business. This information will be beneficial for you prior to your interview as well as in making a decision in whether or not they are the right business for you.

A more tailored job search

The job title you see may not match the job description nor the ideal candidate the business is seeking. A recruiter who knows his clients can give you insight into what profile the business is looking for. What level the hiring manager is at, and whether you’re a good match for the job you’ve seen or something potentially that you haven’t.

Sit back and relax

Let the recruiter do the work for you, they will work around your availability. This allows you to continue freely with your life without any of stress or worry that can come along with searching for a new job by yourself. A good recruiter will go the extra mile for you and arrange interviews, brief you and have interview preparations to help you through the recruitment process from start to finish.


Candidates sometimes believe applying directly to a company will give them the upper hand. When you apply directly to a company they don’t always have the resources to give you insight into whether the job, team or culture fits you, or whether you’re anywhere near the right person they’re attracted to.  I couldn’t tell you how many times each week a candidate tells me they applied for a role that looked great online only to hear absolutely nothing back – not even an automated email saying they were unsuccessful. An established recruiter who works closely with their clients will give you feedback throughout the process. From the initial stage of getting your resume and profile across to the client, to post interview feedback through to offer stage.  

Are you wondering whether you should engage a recruiter to assist in your current job search? It's not a question of should, it's when - and when is now. With the built environment industry as buoyant as ever, if you're not engaging a recruiter you can guarantee you're probably being looked over in your applications and networking. Reach out to Fetch now and we'll get you equipped for your next job as well as in front of a range of relevant clients. 

Matt Lenagh is our go-to Civil Infrastructure consultant, a leader in his industry Matt excels in candidate care and his candidate relationships are a result of his dedication in getting his candidates the right job and best solutions to their needs. Connect with him on LinkedIn here.