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The Benefits of Utilising Labour Hire

Author: Eoin McGuinness

Published date: 2021/05

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Working with a labour hire company allows you to work with a specialised recruitment consultant operating within a specific industry, day in day out. As well as having market knowledge within the industry, a labour hire company will have a large pool of candidates within certain industries which is built up over time via job boards, registering candidates, referrals and speaking to different candidates daily.  


Quick & Easy Way of Accessing Qualified Candidates 

As companies are often required to hire staff at short notice, engaging with a labour hire company can be very beneficial. The main reason is that they will have suitable candidates ready to start a job within a short period of time. These candidates are coming from our system, with referencing completed, qualifications vetted and them prepped for labour hire work with as little as a days’ notice.


Hiring Tried & Tested Candidates

As the labour hire company will already been working within your industry, they will have candidates who have already worked on similar projects to yours on their books and ready to start a new project. This will also give you the benefit of knowing the experience and work they’ve completed before as well as an honest, firsthand reference of these candidates.   


Saves Time

Rather than doing the whole recruitment process yourself having a labour hire consultant to do this work will save you an enormous amount of time. A recruitment consultant will already have begun an onboarding process before a client has engaged with them as they will have screened potential candidates, interviewed the candidate, checked required qualifications, and completed references.

Having one point of contact that provide you labour across your business has many advantages, by having a trusted consultant that you can rely on the process of hiring staff is already in place; accounts are already set up, purchase order numbers are in place and relationships already built up with site managers and having a piece of mind knowing that with one call the recruitment consultant will be able to sort out all your requirements.


Knowledge of the Current Market

As you will be working with a labour hire company who specialise within certain markets they will be speaking with client and candidates on a daily basis within your industry, they will have knowledge about market trends, projects and tenders, other competitors’ insights. With regular mailers, conversations,  and check ins recruitment consultants share their insights throughout their networks. 


Less Admin

With the candidate being employed by a labour hire company, as a client you will only have to process an invoice and the labour hire company will manage all the additional on costs such as processing remunerations, superannuation payments, payroll and other relevant taxes, coinvest arrangements, and all relevant insurances including working cover.


Working on Projects Outside Your Companies General Scope

Having a trusted labour hire company, you're provided with confidence when you are tendering projects outside your usual scope and location of works as we can provide clients with niche tradesmen as well as candidates from regional areas where they might not have access to local trades people.



Whether you're needing staff for a day job here and there or high volumes of candidates to fulfil your contract, labour hire provides multiple solutions to many staffing shortages and needs. If you've got a big job coming up and need some extra hand to meet your deadlines Fetch Personnel, have specialist candidates across contruction & carpentry, electrical trades, plumbing trades, cabinet making, civil trades, facades & windows, and general labouring. 



Eoin McGuinness is our leading electrical trades Senior Consultant, he supplies high volumes of electricians across Victoria. Connect with Eoin on LinkedIn here.