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The Benefits of Being Back in an Office Environment

Author: Vicki Iliopoulos

Published date: 2021/02

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Having settled back into our new flexible office routines, Architecture Consultant, Vicki Iliopoulos has taken some time to shine some light on the obvious benefits of being back to work in an office setting rather than at home full time in our post lockdown world.



The first and most exciting benefit of working from the office is the social aspect. We might not notice the impact our colleagues have on our mental health but working forty hours a week is definitely more bearable when you are around others to keep you company. Whether it is that Monday morning 'how was your weekend' catch up, or a quick vent after a stressful morning with little productivity, having your colleagues around is a definite burst of sunshine to a glooming day.



It is very easy to take on board some extra learning online, but there is no denying that the best education is the learnings you experience while being around others experiencing highs and lows in your role. Being around colleagues allows you to learn from each other’s mistakes but also to take on board things that have worked for them in their role. Sitting next to someone that experiences something that really develops them in their role, allows you to learn and apply the same approaches moving forward. This is invaluable learning that you just do not experience working from home.



It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, there are days where you will lose all motivation to work! Being around others means there is always someone there to pick you up when you lose sight of the day's goals and lose track of that never ending to-do list. It’s very easy to fall into a downward spiral of demotivation, which then leads to fewer results and ultimately even more demotivation. Being around others that are feeling motivated allows you to be lifted up by their spirit and allows them to share that little bit of motivation with you!


Minimal Distractions

It is very easy to get off task and put the washing on when you are sitting at home with consistent distractions and an easy route to avoid work needs. Being in the office means that while our furry friends are great, we don’t spend thirty minutes telling them how cute they are. There is always a difference between productive work and work being half done in between other responsibilities and we know that multitasking is not the best way to get things done but rather to commit time blocks to relevant tasks. Being in the office makes this an easy target to hit!



Collaboration is important in any role, even those that are project based and independent. Collaboration is just too difficult when you aren’t around others. Video chat platforms, like Microsoft Teams and Zoom have been some of the most helpful tools over our lockdown, but nothing compares to your ability to collaborate with minimal efforts when others are around you!



Maybe I have a routine obsession, but waking up and going to the office feeds my ability to keep the rest of my life in order also. The routine of waking up earlier, starting my day earlier and doing what I need to do in a separate location than where I eat, gives me the order that I need to ensure productivity and routine for the rest of my life. I do my best life admin thinking on my way to work and the structure a routine puts in my life ensures that I follow up with that life to-do list also!


It's important to note that flexibility is important in any role, it allows organisations to retain staff and increases staff job satisfaction. With set hours becoming a thing of the past, companies are offering more flexibility and ensuring their business has the right infrastructure to allow employees to work from wherever they find not only suits their lifestyle but also produces results. Whether that be in the office or home, or your favourite café, being out of the same four walls makes the mental and professional benefits very hard to ignore!



Vicki Iliopoulos is our Architecture Consultant, who, like the rest of our team, has transitioned smoothly back into a new flexible office life . Connect with her on LinkedIn here.