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Working From Home - How to Stay Motivated & Productive

Author: Vicki Iliopoulos

Published date: 2020/03

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With all the current uncertainty and lockdown, businesses are closing their doors or working from home and it can get a little difficult to stay motivated. While I know uncertainty can cause us all to feel a little uneasy and working from home might be a little difficult without the daily socialising, support and direction, you should definitely be confident that you are not alone in this and your employer will do the best they can to ensure you are armed with all the relevant resources.

Nevertheless, I thought I would add a little positivity and share a few tips for those working from home and staying on the right track.


1. Better for health – happier & healthier employees

The biggest and most obvious benefits are those around our health. Not only does working from home and taking a break for the office have proven benefits towards mental health but it reduces the risk of employees being sick.

This is of high importance in this critical time where the whole aim of social distancing is around the health of ourselves and others. While working from home can sometimes be frustrating, it will keep us as safe as possible in these critical times in order to resume our normal responsibilities in a safer community.

2. More flexibility

While the structure is great, flexibility is a massive bonus to working from home as it allows for more productivity when there’s the flexibility to do things at the right time rather than during specific working hours. For example, the best time for speaking to my clients is after hours, and therefore more productive for me to have the flexibility to speak after hours.

Make sure to utilize the hours that you are most productive!

3. More time on your hands – commute

While we all commute in one way or another, some of us also have a longer trip. Whether it’s a 40-minute tram ride door to door or an hour on the train or an hour in traffic, working from home allows for more time to utilise.

4. Easier to make difficult calls

While it’s always hard to pick up the phone and make that stressful call, it’s even harder to do it in an office full of people. Working from home provides comfort and privacy to have those difficult conversations!

5. More productive when we have more autonomy

We can all get that feeling when you’re really motivated to do something, and someone tells you to do it and all of a sudden.. you no longer want to do it! Working from home means you are held accountable for all your accomplishments and successes. As people, we always have more motivation to get things done when we are given ownership over our own success.

6. No more temptation with office snacks
I know I said five but thought I would add a sixth bonus as I think 90% of the difficulty in my role is avoiding the 3pm snacks.


1. Dedicate a spot at home as a home office

Ensuring you dedicate a space in your home as a workspace allows you to get into a productive work mindset. It also helps to avoid distractions in your home and allows you to feel some work normality whilst at home.

2. Create a day plan & a to-do list – ensure you have a structure

Working from home offers flexibility but sometimes it can be easy to get a little lost in that flexibility so make sure you have a plan of attack for that day and a list of must do’s and to do’s to make it more official. You might not get everything done, which is 100% okay but gives you focus and something to strive towards to keep that motivation up.

3. Use technology as much as you possibly can to stay interactive 

Technology is a wonderful tool that when used correctly, the opportunities are endless so make the most of it. Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, emails, FaceTime etc. This allows to not only have a connection but to get face to face responsibilities done without having to leave home.

We all know how much more personable meetings are when they are face to face and the right messages are still delivered if you can see the other person.

4. Keep in touch with your work friends, keep each other motivated

I can easily say, one of the best things about my job is the people I work with (shout out to our directors for that solid internal recruitment)! The people you spend 40 hours a week with will also keep your spirits up and will remind you, you aren’t alone in this. Bouncing off those that are experiencing the same things as you will definitely keep you sane!

5. Shower, get out of your pyjamas, brush your teeth, make your coffee

Apart from just general hygiene, these things will get you in the right headspace and the mental association keeps you productive. It also reduces fatigue and slouchy feelings.

Working from home will only hinder your success if you let it and for those of us who have the ability to do our job remotely can ensure that we continue to deliver results and add to our success.

In saying that, keep in mind that our health should always be our priority, so make sure you continue to social distance in other areas of your life and self-isolate during these uncertain circumstances as much as possible!

Vicki Iliopoulos is our Architecture Consultant, she like our entire team have been working from home for just over a week now and is successfully adapting to her new workspace. Connect with her on LinkedIn here.