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Fetch Interview & CV Training

Author: John Bell

Published date: 2020/02

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It’s been 13 years since I upped sticks from the motherland England and headed to Australia to embark in a new career of recruitment, 13 years of rollercoaster rides, successes and many learning experiences. I’ve been fortunate to be a part of placing thousands of people in new roles, set up thousands of interviews with clients and sat in front of thousands of people looking for new opportunities. I have seen so many great individuals that have presented so well but let themselves down through their interview preparation and so many with great preparation but are unaware of how to sell themselves to their potential employer and connect with the right people.

Recently, some really important stats have captured my attention and spiked a lot of intrigue from me, they’ve really opened my eyes to the reality of applying for jobs. I ended up looking into our own statistics at Fetch to back these up and they are spot on. On average only 2% of applicants for a job get through to an offer stage!! 75% of CVs are eliminated by ATS, Applicant Tracking Systems, these are the systems that scan CVs when an employer or recruiter searches for CV profiles. 80% of jobs are filled through networks and connections, not advertisements, so leveraging off your network is critical, and we are here to help.

At Fetch, our mission statement is; "We are an organization of change-makers. Every day, we ask ourselves the question, “What will I do to make a positive impact today?” And then we act on it.

In the last 7 years, we have changed the lives of thousands of people. From candidates to clients to our very own employees, we aim to understand their aspirations and their barriers to success, and actively seek out, create, shape, and enable opportunities that will enhance their careers, their businesses, and their lives.

Every person and every business have the potential to be great. But sometimes, they need a plan. Sometimes they need someone to believe in them and their vision. Sometimes, they just need a little push to identify & realise their own unique talents or path to success. At Fetch, we are single-mindedly committed to creating positive change in the lives of every person and every business we work with, by creating opportunities – not just ‘finding’ them.

So, would you agree your career is possibly one of the most important factors of your life? You spend 75% of your life at work, it is the vehicle to support you living the life you wish but career planning, strategic approach and interview preparation are two of the most overlooked and critical parts of you having the ideal role and employer.

What are we going to do about this?  Well, this brings me to where we are today, launching Fetch Training! We want to enable and empower you to become the 2% getting the opportunity you deserve and not the 98% who don’t.

What does this look like?

  1. This starting from the first step, your CV! - How this looks, what content is required, what ATS systems will be looking at.

  2. LinkedIn Profile - Do you have one, does it represent you well? What groups or forums are you following, how are you utilising your current network and how to leverage off them to seek opportunities, remember; 80% of job opportunities are filled through networks.

  3. Job platforms - What are the best job boards relevant to your search. Are you registered and getting the notifications, and has your CV been uploaded correctly so employers can access and contact you?

  4. Interview training - This is such an important one! How have you prepared, your presentation, selling your relevant skills to the company and culture? Body language & tone of voice are 92% of closing a sale, are you doing this the right way?

  5. The follow-up - How are you following up applications and interviews?

  6. One-on-one sits down with a specialist consultant from your industry to understand the market - Who is busy, what is the best approach to get in with those employers and which of your strengths to focus on with that employer.

  7. Action plan - This is the actions and goals for you to achieve within the following 6 weeks to secure the role.

Our goal is to help you get in front of your ideal employer and you to walk out of that interview with an offer on its way!

We are going to be running 3 courses, Graduate Group Session, Individual One-on-one and Corporate Outplacement to ensure it suits your needs and value.

Should you be looking to make a move in the near future or currently in the process of looking for your next opportunity we would love to help you be the one with an offer in your hand.

John is our founding Director and has recently launched our training services. You can connect with him on LinkedIn here.