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2019 Fetch In Review

Author: John Bell

Published date: 2019/12

Fetch Recruitment Photoshoot


There go another 12 months… it's amazing how quickly they pass, but they do give you an opportunity to reflect on the all the blood, sweat, tears, laughter, successes and relationships that you have experienced over a year. For us, there have been lots of highlights and a few changes. We have welcomed 15 wonderful people to join our team this year. We opened a UK office, upgraded our systems and CRM platforms to help us to keep progressing and had the exciting announcements of 3 Fetch beautiful babies that were brought into the world to name a few.


2018/19 has been another year of diversification, we have evolved from a business in 16/17 where 70% of our fees came from the white collar construction space to now having a broader spread of market exposure. With that diversification has come growth, as from 16/17 we have more than doubled in both revenue and personnel.


This growth has come through us strategically entering expanding industries and acquiring key personnel who have successfully opened up new areas for us such as Engineering and Labour Hire.


The Victorian and NSW market has been through a boom in property with construction being at an all time high. This brings its own challenges such as a shortage of quality skilled professionals. It also increases new businesses starting up, creating a very competitive and risky market place. The talent pool in the market sectors hasn't grown as fast as the industry demand that is out there which creates inflated salaries and a very active headhunt market due to the lack of active candidates.


As a business we have always focused on relationships, we always say to our teams; work with the clients you would work for if you were the candidate in that industry, to also put forward the candidate that if you were the client you would employ.


This year has been a year where we have constantly referred to our Values which mean a lot to all of us, Honesty, Respect, Drive and Passion. We are in an industry to make positive changes in many ways, be it a company looking to upskill or grow, or a candidate looking to be on the right career path or culture environment to reap success in their lives, this is the reason it is our businesses' WHY. If we live these values and follow our why we will all be successful, both as a business and as individuals.


Moving into 2020


Over the next 12 months, Fetch is looking to continue our entrenchment in our industry sectors, driving forward in being the consultancy of choice in the built environment.


In a market where some sectors are declining and some are going through the busiest times, Victoria has seen we need to constantly be evolving to support our clients and candidates with not only the needs of today but also tomorrow.


As a business overall we are aiming towards a goal of 30-40% growth over the next 12 months. We will predict a 50-70% growth in our infrastructure divisions both in the blue and white collar. We are putting a lot of resources and focus within our construction divisions to further strengthen our market share and are aiming for a 20% growth. A major area of growth for us this year will be our labour hire where we are looking to double our workforce head count over the next 12 months, this consists of mainly further expansion in our current areas as well diversification infrastructure and resources work.


John Bell

Founder & Director