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Meet the Fetchies: Geoff Hulbert

Author: Megan Smith

Published date: 2019/09

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Geoff is our hilarious & quirky Senior Division Manager who heads up our Civil Infrastructure, Sub-Contracting and Engineering, Commercial & Residential Construction teams. Geoff joined Fetch at the start of 2018 and brought with him a wealth of knowledge in the engineering & building recruitment space. Highly knowledgable within his domain and many other facets of the business, Geoff is a humble and absolute ultimate teammate. 

This light-hearted Englishman is equally as sarcastic as he is competitive. King of office pranks, his witty sense of humour never fails to liven up a dull day. Have a read through his Q&A!

Name: Geoffrey Hulbert

Position: Senior Division Manager

Time in role: 1.5 years

Tell us a bit about your career to date and how you got into Recruitment.

I started my career working in the petrochemicals space but quickly realised that my passion lay in people, not laboratories. After travelling for a while working in various sales roles I had been lucky enough to see the difference that good hires could make to the success of an organisation – this was the real driver for entering the recruitment space. I was lucky enough to secure a role with a very small boutique consultancy who had very little presence or brand recognition in the Victorian market. While the company ultimately struggled to grow as a whole, the lessons I learned in building relationships from scratch and the knowledge that clients work with consultants they like, trust and can rely upon has been the foundations from which my career has grown.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Fetch?

The people. It sounds cliché, but we spend as much time with our colleagues as we do with our families so it's important you enjoy their company. The directors all sit amongst the team in the open plan and everyone is approachable and supportive.

What’s one thing you wish people knew about recruitment / your industry?

I think most people have been unlucky enough to come across a cowboy in the recruitment industry. I think at times this causes people to underestimate just how much support and guidance a recruiter can provide throughout the interview process. When you work with a recruiter whose main focus lays within a niche vertical they are a wealth of knowledge – they can provide insights into companies projects, culture, company vision, management style but also the context around how they may differ from your current employer (the good and the bad). They can also let you know who to avoid before it’s too late!

Number 1 career highlight to date?

Hard to put your finger on just one thing, I think the 'high’s' are very high in recruitment. Helping candidates find a meaningful change in their careers that allows them to be the best version of themselves is pretty hard to beat!

Your life mantra is / Your philosophy on life is / The words you live by are…

“What goes around comes around” – You can not control the perception people have of the recruitment industry or the action of others, but everyone can hold themselves accountable to their own standards.

Which celebrity would play you in the movie of your life?

Maybe Adam Sandler or Chris O’Dowd? Someone a bit awkward or goofy would probably fit the bill…. Although have previously been called Louis Litt from Suits so take your pick!

If you were on death row, what would be your last meal?

Death row? Bit dark isn’t it? Probably a roast dinner with all the trimmings!

Name three things right now you are grateful for.

My fiancé, my family, and the team I work with.

Tell us a #FunFact about you!

I race a 1964 Mini Cooper S (when it's not broken) and have two adopted Sausage dogs – Krystal and Jake.

One job I’m recruiting for RIGHT NOW is:

I’m actually focussed on growing the team at fetch at the moment. We have opportunities in our commercial construction team and one of our sub-contracting construction desks.