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My First Week at Fetch

Author: Dish Jayasinghe

Published date: 2019/08

Fetch Recruitment Photoshoot

As an experienced recruiter from the UK, moving over to Australia had always been a dream of mine. Especially always being a very keen traveller and having lots of new friends this side of the world. Luckily, recruitment is such a sought-after transferable skill and I jumped at the opportunity to make the move down under to progress in my career!

A friend of mine, who is a client of Fetch, introduced me to Dwayne, one of the Directors here, and the rest is history! Here I am now, working in Southbank with an excellent team of highly experienced recruiters! I’m going to run you through what it was like to start my new role at Fetch. Here is a run down of my first week..

Day 1

Like any new job, the nerves are real. I was super excited and super nervous to meet everyone. As I was walking over the bridge from Flinders St Station I took in the new views of my new commute and I couldn’t have been happier! The first face to welcome me in the office was our lovely receptionist Lex. After a lot of awkward handshakes and names, “Hi I am Dish, nice to meet you!”, I could remember zero names! My first day was great, having the pleasure to sit next our CEO on my first day and treated to lunch. The directors are all super friendly too which is reassuring, I settled into my new desk nicely and absolutely love the office and my new 21st floor office views!

Day 2

Sophie, our operations lead, had put together a great “Fetch Fundamentals” programme to help the newbies learn more about what “Fetch” stands for. Although, I have experience in both the UK and now Australia it is always refreshing to learn new tips and secrets about the industry! Also learning more about my new work family and all the benefits and incentives that are to come with my new role!

Day 3

By day 3 I had secured my first client interview, and I started feeling less and less like that awkward “new girl” in the office, which was helped by individual meetings I had with the different arms of the business. I found it super interesting to understand how I will be able to assist the rest of my team in my new Business Support role. Everyone is just as friendly and welcoming as was promised in my interview. To me, culture is key to being a successful recruiter and is something that I can see that Fetch pride themselves on and I am very excited to be a part of the team.

Day 4

Client visit day with two of Fetch’s directors! Thursday was a fun day, because not only did I get to represent the Business Support desk at an important client meeting with two of our directors but I also got to ride in John’s snazzy convertible! I love client meetings – it is always great to put a face to a name and understand a client and business firsthand, which makes my job so much easier when finding the right candidates for a business, also it is always great to put a face to a name!

Day 5

Friday! I made it through my first week. Everyone is in a great mood today with two birthdays in the office. The music is louder and the table tennis tournament continues at an all-time high! We all go out to lunch to celebrate birthdays which was a great way for me to continue to get to know everyone! The day ends with a LOT of birthday doughnuts and booze; I am going to fit in just perfectly here!

For anyone looking to make that move over down under on a working holiday visa. DO IT! It honestly really is the best experience and especially in recruitment as you have the option of getting sponsored by your company to stay here longer. Australia is a huge window of opportunities and I highly recommend this experience to everyone.

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