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Meet The Fetchies: Dan Musto

Author: Megan Smith

Published date: 2019/08

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This week we are having a chat to Dan, our Labour Hire Divisional Manager. Along with being the fearless leader of the Trades & Labour division, Dan also spends a lot of his time recruiting for our Cabinet Making & Shop Fitting desk. 

Dan is a huge St Kilda F.C. fan, and even though he made the leap to Australia from the UK almost a decade ago, he will never quite shake his thick Yorkshire accent. Regardless of the this, Dan is probably still the most Australian Englishman you’ll ever meet. 

Not only is Dan forever running after Cabinet Makers, he is always running in real life too. One of the most active Fetchies, Dan is an Iron-man and marathon runner in his spare time. 

Read on to get to know Dan a bit more!

Name: Dan Musto

Position: Divisional Manager – Trades and Labour

Time in role: 6 Months

Tell us a bit about your career to date and how you got into working in recruitment.

When I first arrived in Australia I initially struggled to land a full-time role due to the 6 month working holiday visa restriction. I took any opportunity I could find and began working causal labour jobs for a Recruitment Agency, pick packing in warehouses and labouring on a golf course. Upon receiving my residency, I called them up to quit and they offered me a job as a labour hire consultant. I spent 2 years with them focusing on blue collar manufacturing roles based in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne before moving to the big city.

I spent the next 5 years at a National Construction Recruitment Agency, building 3 cold desks across Carpentry, Plumbing and Civil Construction whilst also managing their trades team within Melbourne. I was then promoted to their State Manager for Queensland, taking a team of 3 consultants to 9 and developing their permanent Commercial Construction division.

After 2.5 great years in Queensland I returned to Melbourne and came to Fetch at the start of the 2019 with a focus on becoming the leading construction labour hire provider not only in Victoria, but Nationally.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Fetch?

Free food? I’ve probably gained 5kgs in 6 months from all the pizza, donuts and beers.

On a serious note. Everyone at Fetch pulls in the same direction, we’re all here to help, we work collaboratively and in an environment where we trust one another. We don’t report for the sake of reporting and allow Consultants to manage their desks in a way which works for them.

What’s one thing you wish people knew about recruitment?

Best laid plans, often springs to mind. As consultants we genuinely partner with our clients to help them deliver projects or help them to take on additional works. We spend all day/week/month speaking with candidates in our markets in the hope we can assist them in finding work, but no matter how hard we work the downside of our role is that with dealing with people is that it can all go wrong.” 

The ones who are able to learn from these situations and develop are ones who can build careers from recruitment.

Number 1 career highlight to date:

Being promoted from “whipper snipper” to fairway and green mower at Canmore Golf and Curling Club Alberta Canada.

Your philosophy on life is / The words you live by are …

Blaming others isn’t going to find a solution, and, failure to prepare…

Which celebrity would play you in the movie of your life?

Denzel Washington

If you were on death row, what would be your last meal?


Name 3 things you are grateful for right now.

My son sleeping through the night,

Having my citizenship interview booked,

Being fit and healthy.

Tell us a #FunFact about you!

I completed an Iron-man in 2018 and lost 38kgs in the process

One job I’m recruiting for RIGHT NOW is:

Cabinet Makers, Cabinet Makers and Cabinet Makers

Interested to speak with Dan on new job opportunities? Connect with him on LinkedIn here