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Meet The Fetchies: Nick Koop

Author: Nick Koop

Published date: 2019/06


Nick Koop is in this spotlight this week in our in #MeetTheFetchies series. Our dashing Melbourne boy is a Senior Consultant in our Engineering space, focusing on technical roles.

Nick is an energetic & ambitious Fetchie, who is often partial to a good game of ping pong. He is always willing to to go the extra mile for his workmates, clients and candidates. 

Keep on scrolling to read our interview with him!


Name: Nick Koop

Position: Senior Recruitment Consultant

Time in role: 7 months

Tell us a bit about your career to date and how you got into working in recruitment.

I have been in recruitment for 4.5 years. I was living overseas and in trying to get a visa, I applied to a few recruitment companies. Unfortunately, I wasn’t successful but when I returned to Australia, I thought I would try here and Hays took me on board. Since then I’ve been with Fetch and really enjoy it here!

What’s your favourite thing about working at Fetch?

The people.

What’s one thing you wish people knew about recruitment?

Recruiters often get tarred with the same brush because of bad experiences elsewhere. It is a relationship based game and every recruiter will give you a different level of service.

Number 1 career highlight to date:

Joining Fetch

Your life mantra is:

If you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?

Which celebrity would play you in the movie of your life?

Obviously Daniel Day Lewis. Needs to have range.

If you were on death row, what would  be your last meal?

Steak, mashed potato and gravy

Name 3 things you are grateful for right now.

Upcoming European summer holiday

Not barracking for Carlton

My mum & my girlfriend

Tell us a #FunFact about you!

I’ve been to the Grammys awards night in LA

One job I’m recruiting for RIGHT NOW is:

Fire Safety engineers. 3+ years of local experience and I will have multiple consultancies interested.