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Leading Through Change: Bullhorn Live Sydney Key Takeaways

Author: Sophie Donato

Published date: 2019/05

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Last week our Operations Lead, Sophie Donato, attended the Bullhorn Live event in Sydney. Bullhorn is an applicant tracking system that Fetch are currently migrating to.

Here is what Sophie has to say about the event:

The Bullhorn Live event in Sydney last week was a really insightful day learning about the current state of the recruitment market from industry leaders.

The first session was discussing the changes we are seeing within the recruitment world and how we are businesses shift and adapt with the market. It was fantastic listening to Peter Acheson (CEO, Chandler Macleod Group), Penny O’Reilly (Managing Director & Country GM, Kelly Services), Mark Nielson (CEO, Talent International and Peter Linas (EVP, Corporate Development & International, Bullhorn) dynamically discuss to future of recruitment.

My key takeaways:

  • People are becoming the most important asset within a business, currently sitting at 85%, in comparison to 15% in 1975.
  • There is a massive shift in to Artificial Intelligence and we have to find the balance between AI and a genuine human interaction.
  • We are seeing that the population are ageing and less younger people coming into the workforce, with this comes risk.
  • An outstanding employee is becoming more and more difficult to come across, we as recruitment agencies need to tailor out hiring approach
  • Retention of good people needs to be at the forefront of what we do as a business

I walked away reflecting on these points and thinking about how we can improve our own business moving forward. I came to the realisation that my key takeaways don’t just apply to Fetch but also to all of our clients.

It is safe to say that we have probably all worked in an environment where the business is or isn’t changing and either way have felt undervalued and under appreciated. I’ve personally left a job for these reasons and I know I‘m not alone!

I asked one of our consultants why she stays with Fetch and this is what she nutted out in the space of 5 minutes:

  • A beautiful, city based office in Melbourne with end-of-trip facilities, weekly grocery shop and coffee machine
  • A team of professionals around me who share information and expertise, as well as providing support
  • Financial incentives, team rewards/days out and End of Quarter trips
  • Costly database for tracking, recording and monitoring candidates
  • An existing database of candidates/clients to approach with data going back as far as 2012
  • Back of house support such as; Accounts, Marketing and Admin
  • Marketing materials, templates and support with Personal Branding via LinkedIn
  • Paid tickets to network events in my industry
  • A LinkedIn recruiter license for headhunting and mapping my market
  • A paid mobile phone plan
  • A laptop and all other stationary

Although that seems like a lot, like any business we unfortunately see good people leave (luckily not many). So what else could we be doing lead our people through future market changes and attract the right people to our business? Well, watch this space because we are committed to our people!


Images by Bullhorn