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Your 5 Most Common Questions Answered!

Author: Hala El Dib

Published date: 2018/11

Blog Graphic Common Contracting Questions Answered

Here at Fetch Recruitment, we provide contract and temporary employment opportunities within the Built Environment. This includes opportunities across Construction, Engineering, Infrastructure and Office Support, just to name a few. Dealing with such a huge volume of contractors, we get many common questions around pay, working rights and conditions that we are required to address on a daily basis. Below I have attempted to answer the 5 most common questions we get asked about contracting!

Contract and Temporary employment has many benefits, the biggest being its flexibility. It’s a great option for many situations, including working parents and primary carers. It is also great for the diversity it can provide in terms of projects or jobs that you can work on, and a fabulous way to improve your skill-set. It’s the ideal option for those that prefer varied environments and are adaptable to change. If you are interested in contract work and want to know more, then read on!

I have a Working Holiday Visa. Am I able to do contracting work in Construction?

Yes, we would be able to employ you as a contractor in the Construction industry, as your visa allows you to be employed for a certain period of time. If you are unsure whether your Visa allows you to work in Australia, you can contact us and we can carry out a VEVO check for your employment eligibility.

To work with our construction clients, you will also need to hold relevant tickets, cards and/or licences. These can include permits such as a White Card or Construction Card. Each employer will require different tickets dependent on the role. We would let you know which of these are required prior to employment, depending on the kind of work you would be carrying out.

Can I be employed as a contractor under my own ABN?

Yes, we can employ contractors under their company ABN’s. If you wish to work for us as your own company, you are required to have your own business insurances such as Public Liability & Professional Indemnity for your own safety and protection on-site. The insurances required will vary depending on the job that you will be working on. These insurances are required by law. If you do not have them, we can still employ you as a PAYG contractor (i.e. you will be employed by us).

As a contractor, who is responsible for my pay?

All our contractors are paid directly by us, Fetch Recruitment. This is because we recruit and employ you, and then contract you out to our clients. You will be on our payroll and we handle any pay enquiries. We ask our contractors to complete some registration documentation before they commence employment with us, which includes all your pay details including Super, Tax File Number etc. All this information is then available to you on your Astute Payroll portal. You will be provided with your unique login to your Astute Payroll portal upon commencement of your contract role.

How do contractors submit their hours worked?

All hours are submitted via our online timesheets, using the Astute Payroll portal. Once you have submitted your weekly hours, your manager on-site will need to approve them before we can issue the pay. Our contractors get paid weekly, and pay day is every Tuesday.

Who do I call if I can’t make it to work or have any concerns?

We are your first point of contact if you are unable to attend work or your circumstances change. Additionally, if you would like to communicate any concerns or questions regarding your employment, we can handle all matters on your behalf with our clients. Our support team here at Fetch is happy to help out with any enquiries that you may have.


We have numerous contract opportunities available across a wide range of our clients, from trades and labour through to senior site positions. If you are interested in exploring the opportunities we have available, please get in touch!


Hala El Dib is our Accounts Assistant and Team Administrator, and our first point of call for payroll and contracting enquiries. You can connect with Hala on LinkedIn here (or give her a call on 03 9867 5031!).

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