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The Importance of First Impressions

Author: Hala Ghobar

Published date: 2018/07

Blog Graphic The Importance Of First Impressions

It’s likely you would have heard more than once that first impressions are important. In today’s world this could not hold more truth, as we have become a society that is very quick to judge others on their behaviour, actions, words and appearance. First impressions do count in a number of situations, particularly job interviews, first dates, meeting potential clients, and for staff that serve as the face of a business.

Personally, I do agree with the idea that first impressions are important, particularly in my current role. As one of the first points of contact for our business, for both potential clients and candidates, it is essential that I am consistently portraying our business in a positive and welcoming manner. Below I have outlined some of the key elements of making a great first impression that I make an effort to exhibit daily, and believe are necessary to keep in mind.

Make an effort with your appearance

Your appearance is, rightly or wrongly, likely the first thing that you will be judged on during your initial interaction with another individual. This may sound shallow, but your appearance has a big effect on the way people can perceive you. If you spend a little extra time dressing well, fixing your hair, polishing your shoes and carrying your best handbag, you will be surprised how differently you will be treated or spoken to. How you present yourself will indicate to the person you are meeting that you invest time in looking after yourself and value who you are.  It will show that you are a professional individual that knows how to dress to suit a particular position. If you are well-dressed it is more likely that you will be remembered fondly, as opposed to someone that is a little more slovenly.

Have a positive mindset

Additionally, your positivity and personality will play a role in how you appear. If you have a smile on your face when you first meet someone, this will show a bit of your personality and assist you with building rapport, indicating that you are approachable and happy. In my role at Fetch, I always remember to have a smile on my face if I am speaking to someone in person or over the phone, be it my colleagues or external clients or candidates. Ultimately, dressing the part and looking after your appearance shows that you are putting your best foot forward, and you will leave a lasting first impression.

Choose your words wisely

The words you choose to use also go a long way to establishing a great first impression. Your language will be used to judge your intelligence, manners, personality and suitability for a position. If you are a person that can get nervous or anxious during first encounters, remember to take some deep breaths and slow down. This will mean that everything you say will come out in a clear and articulate manner, and be easily understood. If you are prone to nervousness or anxiety, it might also be helpful to do some prior planning. Think about what you’re going to say and how you might like to get your point across. Furthermore, be an active listener during the conversation as this will let the speaker know that you care about what they have to say.

Practise positive body language

Lastly, your actions and body language will be used to extract information about you during a first encounter. Some of these actions might be: a firm handshake, your posture and the way you are seated during your meeting, whether you cross your arms over your chest, and your facial expressions. All of these things will add up quickly to give the person you are meeting an overall impression of who you are – make it a positive one!

Hala Ghobar is our amazing Office Administrator at Fetch Recruitment, and the Director of First Impressions. Hala is in charge of making sure everyone that walks through our door has a positive experience of Fetch. You can connect with Hala on LinkedIn here.