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7 Ways To Ensure Your Recruiter Has Your Best Interest At Heart

Author: Vicky Scholey

Published date: 2018/05

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Having been in recruitment for 4 years, I have heard all the horror stories candidates have to tell.

“My new job is nothing like it was described.”

“I haven’t heard from my recruiter for weeks.”

“My resume has been sprayed everywhere!”

If you’re serious about securing the right job for you, and not just lining a recruiter’s pockets, here are 7 ways you can ensure the recruiter you’re working with has your best interest at heart. After all, it’s only your career were talking about, right?!

Do your research

This is the most important rule of all. Just as you would do research on the companies you’re set to interview with, do your due diligence on your recruiters! Speak to your peers and colleagues, ask them who they used and why they had such a good experience. You will find out soon enough who the cowboys are. You want to be dealing with recruiters who have genuine relationships with the businesses you are interested in, not ones that simply live for commission.

Ask your recruiter about their process

A good recruiter will never spray CVs! You should know exactly who your recruiter plans approach and why. Your recruiter should be ONLY be speaking to companies with whom they have long-standing relationships about you and your needs. Ask them about their process and how they plan to find you a job with the company you really want to work for. If it starts with sending your resume to a long list of companies, stay away!

Go boutique – not on Seek!

The first place most people think to go when looking for a job is Seek. Seek is great, although 9 times out of 10 your application will be sent to a recruiter. If you’ve already done your research on the recruiters you want to work with, approach them directly. This way you have complete control over whose lap your resume may land in. Also, try and stick to a boutique company that specialises in your field, as they will have far more industry knowledge and be focused on jobs with companies that are relevant to you.

Only deal with a couple of recruiters

I think I speak for most recruiters when I say there is nothing worse than meeting with a candidate who is dealing with 10 other recruiters, and has no idea where their resume has been presented. Once you’ve done your research a chosen your preferred recruiter, stick with them! If they’re boutique and doing things the right way, they’re going to have the market covered.

Invest time with your recruiter

Its no secret that a recruiters job is to sell. Sell jobs to candidates and candidates to jobs! By investing your time and meeting with your recruiter, it gives them the best chance to find out all the little nuggets of gold that will set you apart from other applicants, giving you the best chance at securing the job you really want.

Be upfront with your recruiter

In other words, make sure your recruiter knows everything that’s going on with you – warts and all. Your relationship with your recruiter is largely based on trust, and this works both ways. If you want your recruiter to be open and transparent with you, you will need to do the same.

Follow their guidance

A good recruiter knows their market and can give industry knowledge and guidance based on past experience. Just go with it. Ultimately you decide the direction you want to take your career but trust that your recruiter, with all the steps above in place, does actually have your best interest at heart!

Vicky Scholey is a Construction specialist recruiter with experience across white collar, labour hire, temp and perm placements. You can connect with Vicky on LinkedIn here.