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The Four Key Benefits of Consistency

Author: Stephanie Atzamoglou

Published date: 2018/04

Blog Graphic The Four Benefits Of Consistency

As I write this it’s 8.32am. I’m sitting at my desk and pondering what new topic I can write about, after not writing something for approximately 5 weeks. To be perfectly candid, I was driving into work this morning trying to come up with an exciting topic to deliver but was coming up short. I was over-complicating the process (as per usual) and then it finally hit me…consistency. Something I have evidently been lacking for the last 5 weeks or so.

When it comes to striving for success, consistency isn’t sexy. It’s not something that exactly ignites passion and drive. But it’s the one thing that separates those who hit their goals week in and week out, and those that don’t. Consistency is silent, it’s completely under the radar and it’s the key differentiator between success and failure.

Richard Branson is a prime example of consistency breeding success, a discipline that’s kept the Virgin Brand growing and thriving over the last 5 decades. Branson has famously said “If you don’t have time for the small things, you won’t have time for the big things.” How true those words are! If you’re not willing to consistently focus on the little things that grow your business a little each day, success will likely elude you. Branson is consistent when it comes to his passion, drive & ethos for shaking things up to benefit the world. Just read his autobiographies and you’ll quickly learn how consistent he really is!

So, as I sat in traffic on St Kilda Road, I realised that my lack of consistency was something that I needed to address and fast. So, in classic fashion, I put pen to paper and drafted this blog post to explore exactly why consistency is key.


This is probably the most obvious factor, yet somehow the most easily overlooked. It’s innately human to deflect responsibility and point blame elsewhere when we haven’t got the outcome we wanted. By creating consistency around work goals and targets, and implementing practises that keep you on course, you inevitably create accountability for not only yourself but your team. For example, I’m the type of person that needs to be held accountable by either a colleague or manager, by checking in to help keep me on track. Knowing I have someone there to guide me and provide direction is essential to my learning style, and ensures that I’m always on my A-game.


Further to accountability, clarity is another inevitable outcome of consistency. How many times have you come into work, completely unaware of what you’re meant to be doing for the day? This in turn effects your mood as you become increasingly frantic, trying to get on top of the to-do list that you didn’t get through the night before, as well as being bombarded with new tasks almost on cue every hour on the hour. That doesn’t sound like the day I want to have, and it actually makes me shudder just thinking that nightmare might become a reality.

Consistency will give you clarity, allowing you to focus with a fierce, undeterrable nature. I try to always complete my to-do list the day before to really help set and define my next day. I prioritise by categorizing urgent an non-urgent tasks and this really helps me stay focused and consistent. The moment I don’t complete my list, I feel as though my day slips into disarray, and I for one am not about that unnecessary stress in life.


Honestly, how much better do you feel when your on top of your work for the day/week? You feel unstoppable, yes? Fierce, potentially – but fabulous, most definitely! Your productivity increases significantly and you’re constantly motivated to just keep going, and do better every time. Consistency sets the guidelines and expectations you have of yourself, and ultimately you start looking for new ways to conquer your day. Once you gain that momentum, keep going! The moment you stagnate is the moment you’ll lose motivation. Find out what makes you tick and keep that at the forefront of your mind, or within your field of vision. You need to be your biggest fan, so make sure you don’t disappoint yourself and always keep it moving.


When you’re clear minded & motivated, it’s only normal that your confidence is raised. You’ll find yourself a lot more assertive, self-assured and confident in the decisions you’re making. There’s a difference between arrogance and confidence, so please don’t get them confused. Nothing is more appealing for current and prospective clients than someone who is confident in their abilities, approach and demeanour. You will naturally instil trust through your tone and body language.

As you will note, each of these points is a flow on from the last. They’re all interrelated. Each key benefit is meant to empower you more than the last and really help build yourself up professionally. Consistency truly is key when it comes to success and you’ll only have yourself to thank!



Stephanie Atzamoglou is a Junior Consultant at Fetch, specialising in sourcing Business Support talent for top clients within Australia’s built environment. She has a passion for travel & design and brings a lot of creative flair to her role at Fetch. You can connect with Steph on LinkedIn here.


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