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Training Program

Training We Provide​.

Your success is our success. We work as a team, sharing our broad experience within the recruitment industry. Offering a vibrant environment with a proven track record across our areas of expertise, everyone has a lot to learn and share. We offer both internal and external training. Our external training happens once a month and covers topics such as Sales, Recruitment, Well-being, LinkedIn and Seek.

Part of our internal training consists of a 90-day active program based around real case scenarios. Regardless of level of experience everyone completes this initial course. This step by step booklet exposes you topics such as:

•  The industry

•  Position responsibilities

•  Understanding Client needs

•  Knowing your Candidates

•  How to run an internal Interview

•  How to complete a detailed Reference

•  Site visits

•  Sales skills

•  Holding a client meeting

These are just some of the activities you will participate in during your induction training program. We also offer various external training sessions to help you best utilise our innovative software systems, how to write effective adverts, and how to hunt down a top recruit on social media. We structure our training so you have all the tools to be the best at what you do, and the knowledge and contacts to deliver results!