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Mistakes When Interviewing For A Job

Author: Bronte Jelbart

Published date: 2022/11

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Whether you are a first-time interviewee or an experienced one, there is no denying that interviews can be daunting. I’ve put together some things to avoid to ensure that the interview process goes as smoothly as possible!


Not being punctual

You should show up 10-15 minutes prior to your interview time. Employers will look for punctuality and being late is a mistake that you should avoid at all costs. Unless you have an emergency and have called ahead to notify, turning up late for a job interview will not sit well with an employer.


Not doing company research

Research the company and re-read the job posting. As soon as you have locked in an interview, you should do some research about the company you are interviewing with. Look for details of projects on their website, what they specialise in, who their clients are and what their culture could look like. Be ready to explain why you want to work for their company, go over the job posting again, and be prepared to answer questions regarding your current day to day responsibilities.


Bad mouthing your previous employer

Avoid badmouthing your previous employer. This will give the perception that if you are badmouthing previous employers, then you might also badmouth future employers. You are better off explaining that you are looking for a long-term career challenge, and excited about the prospect of working for their company.


Appearing uninterested

When you walk into your interview, make eye contact and greet the interviewer with a firm handshake, saying something like, “it’s great to meet you!”

Make sure to keep regular eye contact throughout the interview, as well as a simple smile, head nodding and other cues to show that you are intentionally listening and interested in what they have to say. Think about how you come across if your arms are crossed... A cheerful demeanour and good posture will get you a long way!


Rambling or unclear answers

Ensure you don’t go off on tangents or finish without answering what was asked. If needed, take a few seconds to think about the question before answering. Employers are looking for clear and to the point answers. Think quality over quantity.


Dressing inappropriately

Always look professional for an interview, even if it is for a company with casual dress code. It’s all about first impressions! Within the Commercial Construction sector, smart casual is always a good way to go.


Salary expectations

Unless the employer asks salary expectations, don’t bring it up. This makes it seem like you are primarily interested in money, and not about the role. There is a right time and place for negotiations (and having a recruiter working with you is a benefit, as we do all the negotiations for you). If the interviewee brings up salary, saying something like, “I am looking for *desired figure*, but it is more about the role and opportunity for me!” is a great way to answer the question.



Bronte Jelbart is one of our Commercial Construction Consultants. You can connect with her via LinkedIn here.