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Meet our WA State Manager: Bev Riach

Author: Bev Riach

Published date: 2022/03

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​I fell into recruitment by undertaking a temporary assignment in my hometown of Aberdeen in Scotland. I had just returned from travelling the world and was seeking temporary work to replenish my bank account. I became hooked to consulting and from there recruitment went from what I thought would be a temporary income to an industry that has shaped my life. For seven years I was a consultant at various agencies within the UK on both Engineering and Energy desks before I decided to start my own agency at the age of 23.

Since then, my career has taken me around the world - most significantly through the APME region and Americas. I’ve loved the fast-paced nature of the job and how it’s allowed me to meet people from all occupations and walks of life. The skills that I’ve learnt and practiced within recruitment eventually led me to starting my own software company in 2017. This software connects people and services around the globe to increase workforce efficiency.

Now, I’m back to recruiting and managing Fetch in Western Australia. I believe that this is exactly the right time for Fetch to be branching out into WA’s markets, and I’m looking forward to working with the Directors to do this.

Currently the WA market is suffering from severe skills shortages, particularly within engineering, technician, and trade roles. Reports in Perth are stating that we require an additional 200,000 workers to fulfil across construction, engineering, mining, and energy contracts. This is due to the projects currently under construction requiring operational staff, new projects reaching their final investment decision and commencing construction as well as the consistent demand for ongoing resources. Due to all these things, the need for qualified staff has never been higher.

The key factors influencing the skills shortages (aside from border closures) are the external competition we face from eastern states and internal competition between Western Australian projects. Right now, it’s essential that companies have a clear vision of the skills that they will be requiring in the future. With this companies should then be working to upskill their existing workforce as well as collaborating, innovating, and taking a strategic approach to talent retention.

Intuitive recruiters are working hand in hand with their clients to assist in finding staff. We’re looking for innovative solutions which include cross sector transferable skilling, training and tapping into the wider international market to see what skill sets are offered. It is imperative that companies look ahead and structure their man-power planning requirements for the coming years as well as ensuring their company offering is as attractive to potential employees as possible.

I’m excited to join Fetch who are now offering their full capability to Australia’s built environment as well as the energy & resources sector within Western Australia. I am currently working on large projects across the civil infrastructure and energy and resources spaces, ensuring our focus is on working with excellent passive candidates in the market, as well as helping to address diversity and inclusion for our clients.

If you’re interested in how I or Fetch can enhance your business or career, please contact me on or connect with me on LinkedIn here.